Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Out with the old, and in with the new and improved

Anthony made a dresser in his high school shop class. We thought it would be cool to refinish it, so it would match the nursery. We have a white crib, so we wanted to paint the dresser white.

Of course Bosco had to help with the DIY project haha
When I say "we" did the project, it was mostly Anthony because I couldn't really be around the paint fumes. So I offered my moral support :)

Here is the finished product. I took the pics on my phone, so the quality isn't that great...but it looks really good and we are so excited to add it to the nursery!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Crafty Side

Recently I have been looking around for some cute accessories for the baby. I found a bunch of cute headbands that I liked, but all the flowers cost more money than I thought they were worth. So I got to thinking---I could just make the flowers myself. So I did. I tapped into my creative side, and made cute flowers for this cute little girl that will be here in a few months.

Then I thought---why stop there? I could make more things. I was looking at Anthropologie and they had these really cute flower necklaces, but they charge upwards of $100. I tried my hand at them, and of course Anthropologie's is way cuter and better, but I am still happy with how mine turned out.

And a matching bracelet of course! :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Desperate at Dillards

Anthony and I were out at the mall doing some Christmas shopping this week. We wanted to get nice leather gloves for his dad. We made our way to Dillards and we asked the saleslady where they were at. She took us to the gloves and asked if we needed any more help. I said no, and started browsing the gloves. We found a pair we liked, and less than a minute later the lady came back over to us (she was totally hovering) and said she could ring us up. I told her 'thanks' but 'we are still shopping.' Anth and I continued to shop, and I told Anthony we should look at hats for his brother. A second saleslady overheard us and said 'follow me. I'll take you to the hats.' So we followed her, and browsed the hats. We didn't find any we liked, so she second lady was all, 'I can ring up the gloves for you!' Again, I was like 'WE ARE STILL SHOPPING!' It was awkward, but we kept on shopping. We headed over to the athletic department, and the first lady was following us about 10 feet back. I could totally see her, and felt really annoyed. Not even kidding she came back over to us and asked if we were ready to check out. I was getting pretty frustrated and told her, 'I don't want to be rude, but we will find you when we are done shopping!' The woman then whispered, 'Do you promise I can check you out? It's just that I told the other saleslady I was helping you first and she said 'well I am helping them now, so I don't care.'" I looked at the lady and said, 'I promise you can ring us up when we are ready to go.' A few minutes later Anthony and I were done shopping so we started to look for the first saleslady. The second saleslady aka the Vulture came over to me and said 'I will go ahead and ring you up.' I told her 'It's okay. Someone else was already helping us.' The lady about died, but walked away. I found the first lady, and she rang up our gloves with a smug, yet relieved, smile on her face. All I can say is that I hope all that was worth it for her. It was only a $35 sale!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Classic Belly Bump Photo

I am now 24 weeks along! Woohoo! Only 16 weeks to go. It' funny that pregnancy lasts 10 months, because you always hear it's 9 months. Those last 4 weeks make it seem so much longer! This week I have finally gotten a 'belly bump' and people are finally starting to believe that I'm pregnant haha It's like my stomach just popped overnight. I heard it happens that way :)

It has been so fun preparing for the arrival of our baby. We have started on the nursery--we have the crib and changing table all set up. We ordered the bedding, but can't get it until Christmas because it is being gifted to us by Anthony's mom. And we are revamping an old dresser Anthony made in high school to match the crib we bought. Every time we go to the store, we buy several baby items--a few outfits here, some headbands and accessories there. We have quite the collection going. But we still have a lot to get! I didn't realize how many items a baby actually needs. Any advice on "must haves" please let me know! We are still looking for a stroller, carseat, and other baby gear. It's hard to know what to get your first time!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Not So Happy Halloween For This Guy!

You have to watch this video--hilarious! The poor guy never saw it coming! Happy Halloween ya'll!

Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm Pregnant!

I am pregnant! And I am so so so HAPPY! It is a pretty incredible experience, even with how early into the pregnancy I am. I could feel my body change almost immediately. My stomach started cramping (I read that even though it takes a while for the stomach to grow, there is so much going on inside it in the first several weeks that it will cramp due to all the changes it's preparing for), boobs even got bigger (perk!), and my appetite changed. I even lost 10 pounds! I think that is due to the fact that sugar has sounded unappealing, so I didn't eat anything sweet for 4 months. And for those of you who know me well, I am a sweet tooth, which I am sure adds a few pounds to my bod! haha Pregnancy is a great diet jk! I have been so lucky to have an 'easy' pregnancy. I haven't really had any morning sickness except for one lovely 'dry heave' due to an empty stomach. I feel very blessed to have gotten pregnant, because I know for some it can be difficult.

So the night we found out I was pregnant is pretty funny. Anthony and I were driving home from a play, and it was about 10:00pm. He said, "So, do you think you could be pregnant?" And I was like, "Well, maybe. I acutally am late." (I didn't even realize I was late before he asked!) He then suggested we buy a pregnancy test, and I was like, "No, I don't think I'm pregnant." Then I started thinking, "Oh, geez. What if I AM pregnant?!" So we went to the grocery store nearby and bought a test. Went home. Read the directions. Re-read the directions. (You don't want to mess that up. I know peeing on a stick sounds easy, but still.) Peed. Waited 3 minutes. And 2 lines appeared. Pregnant!

I think I was still in shock at this point. I just held up the test and showed Anthony and he didn't believe it. It was pretty funny. Then I was like, "Well, what if it says I am but I am really not?!" So of course I make Anthony drive to Wal Mart because that's the only place that is now open (it's midnight by now.) But I don't just want to buy a pregnancy test at midnight, and nothing else. That is too obvious. So we bought a bag of salad haha So we buy the test and the salad, and the checkout person says "good luck." Lovely. We go home, and I take another test. And another. All positive!

I wanted to keep them for memory sake, but then Anthony reminded me my pee was on them. Good point. So once the shock wore off, we couldn't stop smiling, and the rest that has followed has been great.

Anthony and I are dorks and decided we couldn't wait till the 20 week ultrasound to find out the gender of our baby, so our doctor said she could do a 'gender check ultrasound' at 16 weeks. This week was my 16th week, so we went in and got the gender check ultrasound. Anthony thought it was a boy, and I thought it was a girl. And guess who was right??!? I WAS! WE ARE HAVING A GIRL! And we couldn't be more thrilled. It will be so fun to have a little girl:) She will be the best dressed little lady on the block. The first image below is showing the gender. The doctor said, "Notice how there isn't anything hanging down right there?" and we were both like, "Yaaa..." and she said, "That means it's a girl!" The next picture is of her cute little hand. She has all her fingers spread out like she is waving. It is so neat. And then her little leg is the next picture, and the last one is a profile shot. It is a surreal experience seeing your baby for the first time. I had a perma-smile the whole rest of the day.

I will try and add more frequent updates. Pretty lame it took 16 weeks to blog about this news. Thanks to all my friends who love and care about me,and who are concerned and interested in how things are going. Love you guys!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nitro Circus

Anthony's brother, Skye, works for APX Alarms, and they were hosting an end of the year party for employees and their family and friends. Skye scored some extra tickets to the event, which included Nitro Circus as the entertainment. For those of you who don't know what Nitro Circus is (and I didn't either before this!), it was actually a televsion show on MTV that featured a bunch of guys doing tricks and stunts on BMX and FMX bikes. So Nitro Circus was the entertainment for the APX party, and the guys did not disappoint. There were 15,000 people at the party, and somehow we scored front row seats! I was so close that the exhaust from the bikes was blowing in my face (too close for my liking, but still fun!). The show opened with all the riders sky diving out of a plane 5,000 feet above the crowd, and then they landed and jumped onto their bikes. It was so cool, and I don't even really like this sport ha

So, the famous rider of Nitro Circus is Travis Pastrana. I didn't know who he was, but I saw some people taking pictures of this guy, so I thought it was Travis Pastrana.

Turns out, that ain't him! I was taking pictures of the wrong guy. Travis is actually this guy...

He is a very good rider, and does some of the craziest tricks. The night consisted of tons of stunts, tricks, races, and people getting hurt. They had one APX employee try and do a back flip on a bike...not a pretty picture. The poor guy did NOT make the flip, and he hobbled off the track.

The Jazz Bear even attened the party. They towed him on a line all the way around the track and he did some jumps on a BMX bike. That upped cool points for the Jazz--they need cool points.

It was a great night out with my hubby. Afterwards we went to Smashburger--delish burgers. Little Isaiah fell asleep as soon as we sat down.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Party and Football Korean style

Anthony's dad, Allen, is a martial arts instructor. He can kill you with his pinky finger if he wanted to! (just kidding. But really). Anywho, Allen's Master (or teacher) is from Korea and he sent his son, Jae Young, to stay with Allen for a month. So this last week Anthony and I have gotten to know Jae Young. He is a really cool kid. He is learning English so fast, and he loves America. He is obsessed with pizza and marshmallows! In Korea they both are expensive to buy, so Jae Young thought America was great because pizza and marshmallows are so inexpensive here haha

It was Jae Young's birthday this week, so we threw him a birthday party. We had a pizza party (obviously!) and cake and presents. I guess in Korea they really value gifts, so Jae Young was so thrilled to get presents from everyone.

Anthony thought it would be fun to start a football game in the backyard. Jae Young never heard of football--they dont' play it in Korea--so Anthony and his brother taught him how to play. It was slow going at first, but Jae Young picked up on the rules really fast.

At the end of the night Anthony and I gave Jae Young a Book of Mormon in Korean. He was so touched by the gesture. We are hoping he reads it. You never know what will happen! He is flying back to Korea this week, but might come back to the States to go to high school. It's always good to plant seeds.

Friday, August 20, 2010

A day at Lagoon!

I have lived in Utah for 6 years now and I have never been to Lagoon. When I tell people that I haven't been they are shocked--sorry local Utahns! But I went and I had a great time! The party included me, my mom, my bro Wyatt, my bro Alex and his son Jack, and Alex's awesome girlfriend Mindy and her daughter Cailyn.

The day started out with some fun rides---rides meant for kids, yet somehow both my brothers managed to get on them! Please note the pain in Alex's face a few pictures down...that is why it's a kids' ride! He hardly fit in the seat!

We had a little lunch break. Mindy is a smart person and packed us all lunches! We saved a ton of money. Lagoon charges like $6 for a burger and $3 for fries. And it's not even good food!

After lunch we went on more rides. Cailyn's face is hilarious. Apparently she did not like riding in the ladybug!

And then we stopped by the fountain to cool off...
Isn't Jack the cutest little boy?!
Then it was time to leave the park. When we told Cailyn it was time to can see her reaction in her face. Priceless.

So to all the Utahns who are Lagoon lovers--I, too, love Lagoon. It makes for a great time!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jack Turns 5!

My sweet nephew Jack turns 5 this week! We had a family party for him on Saturday at my grandma's house. It was so fun,and all of the extended family showed up, which made it a great day.

The birthday boy blowing out his candles. A birthday party would not be complete without a superhero cake. Jack wanted Iron man this year.

Jack and his proud papa. Alex planned the entire party. He was stresssed out, but it all came together great, and I could tell he was happy because Jack was smiling the whole time.

Birthday boy getting ready to open all his presents. He had them piled in front of him, and was so anxious to open them all.

He has the cutest look on his face. It is fun to capture the excitement in his eyes.

After Jack opened his presents, we all went outside to play with his toys. Jack got some army men, and played with his cousins all day. They would hike all around the yard playing with them.

Then we all played with sidewalk chalk. The chalk was 3D (everything is better in 3D, right?) Cailyn had on the 3D glasses, and she looked like such a goof with them on upside down. Her mom was right next to me cracking up.

I explained to Jack that after he draws his picture to put on the glasses, and the chalk will pop up from the pavement. He had on the glasses and was staring at his picture forever. I asked him if it worked and he said, "No. I am still waiting for it to pop!" I tried to explain that it wasn't a literal pop haha but I don't think he quite got that.

Happy Pioneer Day

For the 24th of July aka Pioneer Day, we had a nice BBQ at Anthony's brother's house. It was so nice to spend time with family, and eat good food!

Hanging out in the backyard.
My foxy mother-in-law grilling the de-lish steaks. Nothing beats a good steak.
My cute hubby playing with the nephews in the pool. They love playing with Anthony---definitely the favorite uncle. Notice all the fat rolls on baby Nico's legs, so cute!
Isaiah giving Bosco a drink. He kept using the hose to fill up the bucket. It was so hot out that Bosco drank it every time!

After we BBQ'd, we drove up Provo Canyon. We played in the water, laid out on a blanket in the sun, went long boarding, and had a great holiday.
Isaiah and Tristan 'long boarding.' They can't quite stand up yet. But neither can I! The second I step foot on a long board I fall flat on my face.