Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Visit to S-Town

Liam and I flew home to Sandpoint to visit my parents last week, while Anthony stayed home to work and prepare for Fall semester teaching. It was SO great to go home. I say it every time, but going home to where you grew up is special. And it was neat to have Liam with me and show him the house I grew up in and all the things I did when I was young.

I have the best parents in the world, hands down. My mom and I really are best friends, and probably went on lunch dates every day I was there. My dad would take a break from work some days to come with. This place below is right on the water, and had really good food.

Besides eating (!), we lounged around, went shopping, watched the Olympics, went to the city beach, went to the Craft Fair, and really had such a wonderful trip. I have to say, Liam and his grandpa became buddies this trip! Can you blame them? Look at all the fun they had together. From eating popsicles, to rides in the laundry basket, to eating bottles while watching the Olympics :)

On the Saturday before we left, we headed down town for the annual Craft Fair. It was fun, but super hot. And aftwerwards, we ate at one of my fave places Mick Duffs. They have the best gorgonzola fries. Liam had fun coloring as you can tell. He is very concentrated at his craft :)

Here is Sand Creek and the entracnce of City Beach. I forget how pretty Sandpoint is. I should have taken more pictures. ( I always say that).

Thank you mom and dad for flying us up to see you! Liam and I love you both SO much!


I have been MIA lately because.....wait for it, wait for it...We closed on our house!!!! We FINALLY closed on the house we have been building for the last year! Sheesh, a whole year. After a lot of hiccups and going back and forth with our builder, we became offical home owners on July 30. So the last few weeks I have been packing up our old condo, and unpacking our new house. I despise moving. It is so stressful, and if a marriage can survive a move, then I think it can surive anything haha I love you Anthony ;)

Liam, on the otherhand, loooved moving. He managed to climb into every box, and also unpack every box I was packing. This probably added a good amount of time to the moving process haha

And here we are at closing:. We don't look that happy, do we?! (And then the feeling of terror hit when we realized that we have a mortage and are really adults now, and now have a large amount of debt lol)

And actual moving day. It was really bittersweet. We loved the condo we were in the last 2 1/2 years. It was Anthony's and my first place after we were married, and where we brought Liam home from the hospital. A lot of great memories. I look forward to making more memories in our new house.