Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dimples :)

Seriously could he be any cuter? Look at those dimples! He gets those from my side of the family, thank you very much. Ever since he was born he has had deep dimples in both cheeks. So cute I could just gobble him up!

Fun with bottlecaps

I wanted to make some neat artwork for Liam's nursery. I saw this fun idea in a scrapbook store, and decided to try my hand at it. I bought a bunch of bottlecaps and cut out a bunch of circles from scrapbook paper to fit inside the caps. The more random the paper the cuter it looks I think. Once all the circles were punched out, I taped them inside the bottlecaps with a tape runner. Then I bought three 11x14 paint canvases and hot glued the bottlecaps to spell out Liam's name. I got the spacing a little off between letters, but overall I think the project turned out great! They are hanging in his nursery (which is looking more boyish everyday as I am slowly packing up the girl stuff that was in there!). The pictures don't really show it, but it looks cool because it's all three dimensional.

This is a fun and pretty cheap art project, and you can assemble the bottlecaps however you like. I might make more of an abstract piece of art with the leftover bottlecaps. If you decide to make something like this then order the bottlecaps off Amazon. I got 250 for five bucks! In stores it cost 5 dollars for 12 caps!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Little Glow Worm

Liam had jaundice pretty bad, so the doctor sent us home with a bili-bed aka tanning bed for babies. His liver wasn't doing a proper job of filtering (I dont know what!) something, so he had to be on UV lights around the clock. He was so yellow!

He did not like the bili-bed! We had to strap him into a straight jacket sort of thing, then put a UV wand on his chest and zip him up so he was getting light on his front and backside. He was such a sport! Within 9 days we took him to the hospital 6 times to get his blood drawn---he would cry and cry and it would break my heart :( Finally his levels were in a low risk zone, so we were able to take him off the lights and we no longer have to go the hospital for blood draws. Yay! He is doing great now, minus a little yellowing in his eyes.

Doesn't Liam look like a little glow worm? My brother said he looks like ET haha

Labor and Delivery and so much more

Anthony and I were over at his dad's house on Sunday April 3. We were all sitting around the kitchen table chatting about random things. All of a sudden I felt myself leaking (not a pleasant feeling haha). I went to the bathroom and I thought that my water was going to break. I told Anthony we needed to go, so we jumped in the car and a minute later my water full on broke! Yes, I drove myself to the hospital! We got to the hospital at 8:30pm, and labor started at about 9:00pm. I had contractions for an hour and a half before wussing out and opting for the epidural. I don't know how I thought I could do it without! Bless the epidural! I labored for 7 hours, pushed for 45 minutes, and as soon as the baby was out the nurse said, "SHE is a HE!" I couldn't believe it, and I am pretty sure I was in shock for a good while. Anthony jumped up and down, I cried, my mom gasped, the doctor laughed! I had two ultrasounds both verifying that I was having a girl. Not so! I think I mourned the loss of what I thought would be my "daughter" for point 2 seconds. As soon as I saw my son, I couldn't believe how perfect he was and how I instantly loved him. The nurses took Liam to clean him up and the doctor noticed that his breathing didn't sound right. They immediately called in the respiratory therapist and said that Liam would need to go to the NICU. I got to hold the little guy for 30 seconds before they whisked him away. I didn't get to see him for 7 more hours. Anthony was able to talk to doctors and get updates. His little lungs were having a hard time circulating the air, so they hooked him t0 machines and pushed oxygen through him to help develop his lung's capacity to breathe the air.
First time I held him:)

Isn't this the saddest picture? Poor baby was hooked up to a breathing machine and did not like it. The doctor said Liam already had spunk because he kept spitting out the breathimg tube and was doing things his way.

The doctor finally cleared him to go to the Well Baby nursery after 7 hours of being monitored, so I was finally able to see him and hold him. I am so thankful for modern medicine and technology that help babies like Liam get well. Because Anthony and I were expecting a girl, we had no idea what to name our son. It wasn't until the last day in the hospital that we decided on Liam:)

At this point Anth and I were up for 48 hours without sleep!

Here we are, happy family of 3!! Anthony and I are in love with Liam, and we cannot imagine not having HIM as our child. He is such a sweet baby and he brings us so much happiness.

Liam Allen Hughes

Liam Allen Hughes was born on April 4 at 4:09am weighing 7 pounds 4 ounces and was 20 inches long. I cannot express how much I love him.

Most of you know we were expecting a girl. I'll share that story later!

(My sister in law took this photo. I think it is darling.)

Friday, April 1, 2011

D Day!!

I am probably the worst person at blogging. I vowed to post something new atleast weekly. And as you can see from my last post that hasn't happened! Well lots has happened in the last several months. Most notably---today is my due date! I made it! Well, I'm still making it...because I don't think this little baby is coming on time. I haven't had one real contraction yet! Three weeks ago my doctor said I was a 1 cm. The next week she said I was a 1 cm. Then she saw my sad face, and said, "Well, you're actually a 1 1/2." Thanks doc for the 1/2 cm. Then last week I went in and I made it to a 2cm! Great day. The mistake I have made is thinking I would go before my due date---each day that has passed I felt discouraged and impatient because I thought little Peyton would have made her grand debut by now haha But this little girl is not done baking! I have an appointment on Monday and if everything looks good, my doctor said she will induce me on Tuesday or Wednesday. Let's hope I go before then on my own!!
Some lovely prego shots taken in the last week. I am smiling...but secretly thinking 'Just take the picture for memory sake. I am soo done being pregnant!' haha Women don't lie when they say the last month is the hardest. Most def.

Anthony had a birthday. The big 29. We went to a yummy dinner with family, had presents, cake and ice cream afterwards. His cute nephews helped blow out the candles. (Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures).

I also had a lovely baby shower thrown by some of my besties. I only got pictures of the food and set up beforehand. Once the guests arrived, I didn't have any pics :( But it was a great shower, and I had so many wonderful friends and family attend!
Soooo yummy.

My friend made the cutest diaper cake.

And another friend made the prettiest real cake! It was too pretty to eat...but that didn't stop me haha

Hopefully the next post will be of baby Peyton! I truly cannot express how excited, anxious, humbled etc I feel to know that soon I will be a mother to a sweet baby girl. :) :) :)