Wednesday, June 30, 2010


We got an English Bulldog a few months ago, and his name is Bosco aka Boskerville, Boscar the Grouch, Costco. Everyone gives him a nickame. When we first got him he was soo tiny. And he has grown so much! He was 11 pounds when we got him at 8 weeks. He is almost 16 weeks, and he has put on tons of pounds! He weighs 24 pounds---he is a chunk, yet he still has rolls of extra skin everywhere. So cute!

This was a photo the breeder sent us. He was still too little to leave his mom. We got him a few weeks later.

True bulldog form! They love to sleep on their backs! Bosco loves to sleep or lay on his back, and get his belly rubbed.
Notice all the rolls! He has leg warmers made of extra skin! haha

This was about a week ago. He has gotten a lot bigger, and doesn't look so much like a puppy. They grow up so fast!

Bosco loves climbing up onto the dishwasher to search for a morsel of food. He is already a begger. But a cute one at that.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Burger Bash!

Anthony, his brother, and brother-in-law got it in their heads that they wanted to do a Burger Bash. Let me explain. They wanted to see which burger is better: Five Guys or In N Out. They ordered a Five Guys Burger with all the fixings, and then drove over to In N Out and ordered a burger 'Animal Style' (which apparently is the only way to eat it so they tell me). They stuffed their faces with two huge burgers within 20 minutes of the other. It was sort of gross. So guess what burger they voted the 'best'?! And the winner is....drum roll...Five Guys' burger! What chesseburger do you vote to be the best burger?!

This is the In N Out burger. This photo is not staged haha
Notice the hunk of burger in his cheek...he looks like a chipmunk!

Dane and Rich eating the Five Guys burger...

My hubby eating the Five Guys burger.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Art City Music Festival

On Friday, we went to the Art City Music Festival in Springville. All of the musicians got together the morning of the concert and wrote all of the songs that they would sing that evening. Anthony's dad was actually in charge of the whole event, and it was a really awesome evening. Lots of good performers.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My First Post

This is my very first blog. To be honest, I don't know quite how to blog. It took me forever to figure out the background I wanted! I told my husband, Anthony, that we should start a blog. He just laughed. So I think I will be the one doing the blogging! I thought it would be a fun way to remember all the day to day things that go on in our lives. We have been married 5 months now, and I wanted to start this blog back when we first got married. Since that didn't happen, I thought I would start with some pics from the beginning. Starting with the honeymoon to Cabo San Lucas!!

This was at a restaurant in Cabo. We had a great steak! And the atmosphere was awesome.
Of course we stopped at the local Wal Mart! Everything was in Spanish, of course, but me made due.

OREOs will always be the same!

This is the view off our balcony. It was so beautiful there! This photo makes me want to go back and visit Cabo. So nice.

This was off the balcony in our hotel in Venice Beach. We stayed here the night before we flew to Mexico. Venice is a ca-razy place! So many odd people on the boardwalk haha definitely entertaining.