Monday, February 27, 2012

Give the kid balloons...

And he's happy!

I had a really great video, but stupid blogger never lets me upload them :(

Happy V-Day Indeed

Valentine's was great this year. Anthony and Liam were up to something, and they were not letting me in on the surprise. It was early, like 7:00am (we were up for hours already...Liam loves to get a jump on the day), and my two boys were sneaking around in Liam's nursery. Anthony kept saying "Don't come in! We're almost done." My cute husband. Finally, he said they were ready. I walked down the hall to see my cute little son holding a silver box from Nordy's (always a good thing), and a bag of Swedish Fish (another good thing).

 Liam thought the box tasted good.
 As well as the candy.
 Then I went into the nursery, and there was a little white t-shirt with Liam's hand prints and foot prints, and a little quote on it asking me to be his valentine. It was Ah-Dorable! It took Anthony over an hour to get it all finished. Liam did not like to sit still and get his prints taken haha But it turned out so cute.
 Look how good he looks in it :) He wore it all that Valentine's Day.

I got Anthony a bunch a goodies. He never buys himself treats. So I sorta spoiled him with his favorites.
I got him some gourmet lollipops. He kindly shared them with Liam haha

 Not like he had a choice! Does it look like Liam was about to let go of that sucker?! Nope.

Hope you all had a lovely V-Day!!

The Big #2

Anthony and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary last month (yes, I am the worst at posting, but better late than never, right?!). We had such a wonderful evening together. My mother-in-law watched the babe, so we had the night to ourselves. We drove up to Salt Lake and ate at a swanky new restaurant called the Copper Onion. I wish I would have taken pictures of the food, but somehow breaking out my camera in the middle of dinner seemed awkward. But the food was divine. I had a lamb, beef, and pork meatloaf and Anthony had a seared duck breast. For dessert we had a snickerdoodle tart with fresh cooked apples on top. It was so good. So. Good. After dinner we went to Abravenel Hall to hear Brian Regan perform. He is a stand up comedian, and is seriously the funniest dude alive. I loved spending time with my sweet hubby, without the baby in tow. But it's funny because we probably thought/talked about Liam like 50 times when we were out on our date. That's what parents do, right? :)

(We really shoud've taken more pics. Next year, maybe!)