Monday, July 11, 2011

Going Home

I LOVE going home---going home to the place where I grew up, spending time with my parents, sleeping in my old room, visiting all the spots that I went to when I was younger. And now I have a family of my own to take home. Anthony, Liam, and I traveled to Sandpoint, Idaho to visit my parents, and we had such a great time.

The drive takes about 11 hours...with a baby it takes closer to 12 because of the stops to feed and burp etc. Well, somehow we missed a turn at the start of our trip...we were supposed to make a turn an hour and a half in...yep, missed it. Instead of going north into Montana and then into northern Idaho, we went WEST into Oregon and Washington! I was like, "Wait a sec...the Old Oregon Trail?! You don't go through Oregon to get to Idaho!!" It took over 14 hours to get to Sandpoint. Lovely. I wanted to cry once I realized I would have to go through two extra states to get to Idaho. Don't worry, we made the right turn going back to Utah...11 hour drive as planned! My dad made us a map so we wouldn't get lost haha no joke he really did. I was not amused.

Here we are in the car, making one of the many stops along the way. Liam did not like being in his car seat for 14 hours. Can you blame him?

We took several pics on my parent's deck. The view is so pretty. I love the Pacific is one of my favorite landscapes.

I love this picture of these two. Liam is laughing and he looks adorable. Love these guys.

One of my favorite things about visiting home is going to all of the yummy restaurants. Isn't food great?! It makes me happy:) We ate at a local place called Mick Duffs. They have great burgers, and I had to get a picture of Anthony's burger. It was stacked taller than his head! He didn't know how to eat it.

We went to the "City Beach." It was fun to show Anthony Sandpoint in the summer. He has only been in the winter. The weater was great, and we walked around and pushed our little man in the stroller. Fun memories.

The water was a little cold!

Went to another yummy restaurant famous for their pies. I, of course, got strawberry, my fave. When I worked downtown during the summer I always went here on my lunch break by myself and ate pie. The waitress always asked, "Is anyone joining you?" "Nope, just me" I would say. I think she was embarassed for me or something haha I don't care, though. Their pie is worth eating by yourself haha

We walked downtown and went to all the fun shops. We found these crazy octupus extentions...kinda fun.

My parents' Bishop made this really cool art installation for downtown. He made it out of highway signs and things. It turned out great.

I loved that my parents got to spend time with little man. They love Liam so much, and it is special to watch them together.

On Saturday we went to the local farmer's market.

Liam was worn out by the end of the day :)

The night before we left we got pizza at a hole in the wall place a ways out of town and apparently the owner sells/sold pot out of the back of the restaurant. haha Aside from that shady bit of info, he makes a mean pizza. I should have taken a pic of the was sooo good, but I was too busy eating it!

This is the view!

It was a fantastic trip, if you couldn't tell!!