Saturday, March 3, 2012

First Haircut

The time finally came for little man to get his hair cut. It was starting to curl around his ears, and no amount of lotion could keep it styled! It just fuzzed out in a matter of minutes. I will miss his cute fuzzy hairdo!

(Disclaimer: Sorry for the crazy amount of pictures...but you know how exciting the "firsts" are in your child's life. And first haircut is a pretty big "first" around here!)

I styled it in his signature faux hawk for the before shots:

And I had to bribe him to sit still during the haircut. I used whip cream. He loooved it.

Anthony's mom cuts hair, so she did the honors. She worked so quickly, and did a great job working with Liam's wiggles.  Despite our best efforts to hold him still and bribes of whip cream, it was still a bit of a challenge. But he was a trooper!

And here are the after shots.

Can you tell that we are all so proud of him and think he is the cutest thing around?!

We styled his hair, but little man was tired and not in the mood for pictures.

I love you Liam. You are so handsome with your new haircut!

Try these on won't you?

Liam is such a good sport.
He just smiles when I make him try these on:

And then this pair:

And this pair is the best:

He looks so smart and sophisticated hahaha

I kinda hope he has to wear glasses when he gets older. He rocks this look!

Love this boy.

National Pancake Day

February 28th was National Pancake Day. And in honor of that glorious day (casue who doesn't love a good pancake?!) IHOP was giving away a free shortstack of buttermilk pancakes, and in turn was requesting donations for Primary Children's Hospital.

A great time had by all. :)