Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Party at the Aquarium

Anthony's nephew had a birthday this past weekend at the Living Planet Aquarium. The very same place we took Liam for his first birthday. It's funny what a difference three months makes. When we took Liam in April for his birthday he was barely walking. Now he is a walking machine, and actually is running most places. He even had a better time looking at all the animals, and I could tell he understood more of his surroundings. It's so neat to watch him grow and develop and take in all the world around him. It was a day filled with fun entertainment, good food, and family. What more could you ask for?!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Do we have a tennis star on our hands?

We were wandering the aisles of Target the other day, and Liam venturd into the sporting goods section. He looked in all the sections, and very deliberately decided that he wanted to check out the tennis aisle. He was checking out all the balls, rackets, and equipment.

And when he decided that he was ready to leave, he put his tennis balls and other finds in the cart and pushed the cart to the front of the store. Oh this child of mine. He is so determined and knows what he wants. I love that about him.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Bridal Veil Falls. Splash Pad. Indoor Surfing.

From the title of this post, you can tell that we had a fun filled weekend. The morning was spent hiking to Bridal Veil Falls with Anthony's mom, his sister and her kids. Here is the group:

And the boys. Playing with rocks and sticks, naturally.

And then we headed to the Riverwood's to play in the splash pad and get some ice cream.

Mean mom took the ice cream away...Nice dad gave it back.

Then we went over to the Provo Beach Resort for some indoor surfing.

Summer and I are best friends. So much to do! Cheers to a great summer!

Everybody was kung-fu fighting

Anthony's dad runs a martial arts business. The other day we paid him a visit, and spent hours at the dojang running around and playing with all the equipment. It's safe to say that everyone had a fun time.

We had to dress Liam in some fighting garb. I don't think he liked it very much. He tried pulling it off as soon as I put it on.

But once dad put it on, too, Liam was much happier :)

Dear Old Dad

Happy Father's Day. To my own dad, you truly are the greatest dad. God knew what he was doing when I was sent to you and mom. I love you so much. And to my hubby Anthony. You are such a wonderful dad, and you steppd into that role so effortlessly from the very start. I am so glad that you are hands on and involved in Liam's life. A work friend said to me, "You sure are lucky to have a husband who does so much. Back when I was raising my kids, I was lucky if my husband ever changed a diaper!" Well, changes diapers he does! But he does so much more than that. I am a good mom, but moms can't think like dads do. We are wired differently. There are just things that only a dad can think of.  For example, I play softly with Liam and his toys. Anthony takes Liam's toys and makes up crazy stories and creates alter egos with them. I teach Liam how to blow bubbles in the tub. Anthony teaches Liam how to splash the water out of the tub. I roll balls to Liam. Anthony fills Liam's crib with all of his balls to make a giant ball pit. I take Liam to the store with me to "run errands." Anthony takes Liam to the store for "adventures." Thank goodness for dads!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Art City Days

Art City Days was last week. And because Anthony is from Springville, we went to take part in the festivities. A lot of his family still lives there, and his dad and brother were in the parade this year. I love going to parades. Aren't they a throwback to your own childhood? Although, once I got to be high school age, my mom couldn't get any of us to get out of bed at 8:00am on a Saturday to go to the parade! Thanks for trying mom!

 Some of the floats, and a marching band.
 And here is Anthony's dad, brother, and step-mom representing their local business, Kaesung Academy. Liam is going to start classes in a few years---he will be a fighter and defender!
 We sat on the side of the street with the my eyes were dying when we tried to snap these pictures.
And at one point Liam ventured into the street, in the middle of all the action. I guess he wanted to be part of the parade. Thankfully Anthony did a quick rescue. Man, you turn away for one second and he takes off!

I am excited for all the upcoming parades for the other cities. Especially Swiss Days in a few months! Ooh, I love going there. Anthony has to set a limit on the amount I am allowed to spend there haha smart man that one!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


If you haven't been to Blickenstaff's, you must go! It's an awesome toy store with vintage and new toys, as well as throw back candy from when our parents were kids haha It's supposed to be for kids, but I secretly love going there, too. Liam adores this place. He has like a 15 second attention span, so he doesn't last long at one toy. But when he is making his way around the store, he genuinely enjoys the toy for those 15 seconds lol. If you don't live close to a store, they have an awesome webiste that you can go to, too (

Here are some pictures from our last outing:

And Liam's personal favorite--the balls!

And on the way home a shoulder ride from dad :)

Summer Fun

I am loving the warm weather we've been having the past month. We take every opportunity to go outside and enjoy it! The Riverwoods just finished installing a cool water fountain feature for kids, and Liam really loves it. If you're kids are bored and you want something to do, then take them here! Here we are at the water fountains.

And at the playground.

And we venture to Grandma's house to go swimming.

Just chillaxin poolside with a Nila Wafer and bottle of milk. Livin' the good life :)

It's only June. Summer is just beginning!!

Little Climber

I was putting groceries away, and I turned from the fridge for literally two seconds. And I turn around to find Liam climbling up the fridge. Like full on climbing, suspended off the ground, pulling his way up the side. Geez this kid is determined. Should I be worried for when he gets older?!