Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Sweet Little Boy

Could he be any cuter?! I love this little boy so much. He has changed my life from the day he was placed in my arms in the hospital. And it has been amazing ever since! 5 months---he is already 5 months old! I cannot believe how quickly time passes. Liam is doing so many things, and seems to be growing up so fast. Long past are the days of newborn clothes, size 1 diapers (he is wearing size 3, yikes!), and cuddling on my chest. Little man is active and won't sit still for a minute.
Some Liam updates:
He can almost sit without support
He loves tummy time, but will quickly roll onto his back so it doesn't last too long
He has a love affair with his bottle---I have never seen a baby so happy to get a bottle
He holds his bottle on his own
He loves to be held facing out so he can see the action going on around him
He grabs his feet and puts them in his mouth whenever he gets the chance
He loves loves to chew on his hands, and will get as many fingers in his mouth as he can!
He lost all his hair on the top of his head, and looks like an old man! (finally starting to grow in again, though)
He laughs all the time (he has such a great laugh)
He is ticklish on the bottom of his feet and on his tummy
He loves to play peek-a-boo and will giggle uncontrollably when he sees you
He takes great naps, but is not a good sleeper at night (wakes up every 2 hours the whole night...any suggestions to help with sleeping through the night???)
He is not quite ready for solid food. We fed him rice cereal this week, but it dribbled down his front--- he doesn't quite get how to swollow yet. It's cute to watch him try, though.
He loves his dad. He grins whenever he hears his voice or sees him come into the room.
He is intrigued by Bosco, and will grab his fat face. And sweet Bosco just sits there and lets him.
He likes to stare at himself in the mirror
He can sleep through movies in the movie theater, but will wake up at home if the floors creak too loudly
He is the sweetest little boy, and I just LOVE him.