Saturday, April 7, 2012

Liam's 'Little Man' Birthday Party

I decided to go with the "Little Man" party theme for Liam's birthday party. It is the cutest theme ever! It's all about mustaches and other awesome things. I loved how it all came together. I started out telling myself, "Okay. Liam is only 1. Don't go overboard on the party." But then I had the thought, "Okay. Liam is only 1 once! So I must do something special!" And much to Anthony's chagrin, I may have gotten a little carried away with the party planning, but it all came together perfectly and everyone had such a lovely time.

And what a mustache bash it was! Here is the tasty spread:

And here are some friends sporting their staches!

I printed off dozens of photos of Liam from the time he was born up until now, and I put them on the wall to make a collage of Liam's life. It was neat to see how much he has changed--from a baby to a little man!

And then onto the presents! Liam was loving this part. He loved tearing off the wrapping paper, and he was really interested in all the toys he got. I think we doubled our toy inventory after this birthday! Thanks to our wonderful family and friends who helped spoil Liam and celebrate his special day :)

Here are some cute videos (these are really for the out of state family. Okay, mainly for you mom!).

And here are some other fun shots from the mustache bash!

After we sang happy birthday to Liam (I don't know how I don't have pictures from that!?) we went outside and Liam had a grand send off of all of his balloons (mainly because I didn't want to make the drive home with a dozen balloons crowding up my entire back seat). He let them go up into the air and watched as they disappeared.

I would have to say the greatest part of the whole night was Liam started walking! He walked at his first birthday party! I couldn't believe it. I stated yelling at Anthony to "look look look!!" Liam just randomly stood up and realized, "Hey, I can walk! This isn't as hard as I thought it would be!" What's funny is that it wasn't so much walking as it was running. The kid goes from crawling to running haha that is true Liam fashion. I didn't get the best video of his best performance, but here is a video that shows him strutting his stuff. Great day.

Happy 1st Birthday my little man Liam.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Smash Cake

A first birthday would not be complete without a smash cake! I was really excited to see how Liam reacted to this. I know some babies just look at the cake, others cry at the cake, and others dig into the cake. I had a feeling Liam would be in the third category. Take a look...

Definitely the third category :)

Birthday Boy

We had a wonderful time celebrating little man Liam's 1st birthday! Yes, 1st birthday! Liam is one year old, and I cannot believe how quickly this first year of his life has gone. He is an incredible little boy. He is so full of energy, and is the most determined and persistent child. He is smiley all the time (unless he doesn't get his way--then he throws a little temper tantrum. I didn't know they did that this young?!), and he waves at everyone who will look his way. He is quite the flirt, and smiles at the ladies when we are out and about. He loves trucks and motorcyles and gets super excited when he sees one drive by. He'll ball his little hands into fists and wave them in the air and then point frantically at them to make sure that I see them, too. He is in love with the outdoors. He prefers to be outside every chance he gets. He does baby sign for birds whenever we say 'tweet tweet', and gets the sweetest grin on his face once he spots a bird. Pretty much he is perfect in every way and I couldn't imagine him any other way than the way he is. I love you Liam, you big one year old you!

We kicked off Liam's birthday festivities by first going to the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy. He loves animals, so we thought he would love the aquarium---and we were right! Here are some fun shots of our time spent there:

It is so fun to experience childhood again through Liam's eyes. That is one of the best parts of being a parent. Everything is so magical and exciting to Liam, and it feels magical and exciting to me, too, by watching him learn and enjoy all of these new experiences and opportunities. I am looking forward to more wonderful birthday's for this sweetest little boy. Happy birthday Liam.