Thursday, February 28, 2013

6 months in a nutshell. A tiny, tiny nutshell.

Soooo, not too sure if anyone even reads this anymore. I have definitely slacked on my blogging lately---for 6 months to be exact. Here is my plan: just post one giant post with mini tib bits of all the things happening over here in the Hughes' household the last 6 months.


Still playing outside at the park.  I can hardly recall what above freezing weather feels like now...

Of course a highlight of Septmeber was finding out I am pregnant with baby number 2! Great day :)

Family BBQ's up the canyon.


Attempting to potty train...let's just say this is still a work in progress 6 months later!

A trip to Heehaw Farms.



My family came to Utah to spend Thanksgiving with us, and we hosted Thanksgiving dinner in our new HOUSE. It was so nice to have a house where everyone could fit :) Sadly I didn't get many pictures!

And my 27th birthday. A birthday "cake" (Thanksgiving pie!) and dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.


Getting ready for the Christmas season!

Christmas in Sandpoint with my family. Good memories.

Infamous North Idaho weather. Can't beat the view from our house.

Opening presents.


A trip to the Dinosaur Museum.

Bumming around inside...since this winter has been SO FREEZING WE CAN'T GO OUTSIDE!

FEBRUARY. I do have some good shots of Valentine's Day and other things, but Liam is waking up from his nap...and that's my cue to finish up blogging for today. Hopefully I will post more before another 6 months goes by!!