Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our First Year

Recently Anthony and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary on January 16. It is crazy to think that a year has gone by! It has been a great year, and I thought I would highlight several events that have happened during that time.

Starting with the honeymoon of course:)

Some of the best meals were at little local resturants in the outskirts of Cabo. You had to wander off a bit (sort of sketchy parts of town), but the food was worth it.

I may have gone overboard on the application of sunscreen! haha But he didn't get burned the whole time we were there!

The beaches and local pools were beautiful. One day we WILL go back there!

A few months into marriage, Anthony graduated from BYU's MFT program.

So smart.

And cute.

And a bit of a spaz from time to time.

And then I graduated from the the U in Social Work the next month.

Anthony loves me in spite of the fact that I graduated from the U, and not BYU. Nice.

And then we got a puppy! Bosco boy!

Who has now turned into a fat boy!

We started with a puppy, and then decided to try for a baby. And lo and behold, a few months go by and we find out we have a bun in the oven! One of the best days (and scariest, lets be honest!) of our lives.

We celebrated our first Thanksgiving as a married couple...

Good food.

Good company.

Good naps:)

And we celebrated our first Christmas together. This was neat because we started several Christmas traditions together. It is nice to know that our little family of two will soon be three, and the holidays will be even better next year because of our little addition.

I loved my new rain boots.

And so did Bosco.

We got this book from my parents. I recommend it to any parent. Great information.

Bosco had fun with the trimmings and boxes lol

And we made delicious scones for Christmas morning breaky :)

And that takes us up to our year. It's been a great year, and I have a wonderful husband :) Happy 1 year anniversary to us!