Saturday, December 10, 2011

Slow Progress. But I'll Take It.

Anyone who knows we are building a house knows that it is being built at a painfully slow pace. But this week the builder finished framing it! It only took him 3 months. Really. You can frame a house in a week. Ugh. We stopped by and walked through our house. Our house! I love saying that. I can't wait until we can actually move in.

We have staircases. And ceilings. And walls. And floors. A garage. A backyard. And a mortgage...yikes. Oh happy day.

Patiently Waiting...

Every time I feed Liam Bosco perches himself right in front of his highchair, patiently waiting for any food to come his way. Since introducing solid food to Liam's mealtime, Bosco has realized that he stands a great chance of getting some of that food! Liam loves to wave the food in the air and it usually flies out of his little hands--and into the lap of the Boscky Boy :)

Here is what it usually looks like:

After I feed Liam I strip him down to a diaper and let him play in his food. He absolutely loves it! This particular time he played with was quite the task cleaning up afterwards!

But totally worth it. Look at that smile and enjoyment on his messy little face.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Favorite Picture of the Week

I love everything about this picture. His chubby hand resting on his stuffed animal. His little winter hat. His cute cheeks. The serious look on his sweet face. I. love. him.

DIY Candy Striped Burlap Wreath

My obsession this year has been wreaths. I. L.O.V.E. them. I found a festive Christmas one from Just Sew Sassy. For the tutorial go to this link ( It is super easy, and didn't take too long. And I invite you to make it...wreaths just might become your obsession, too!

Don't you love it? I plan to add some embellishments, but didn't have time to look for some. Liam was having a melt down at Hobby Lobby when I was buying the supplies. He is the boss :)